About me


My name is Steffi Hartung. I'm 52 years old and still pursuing one or two plans and goals in life.

I'm related, I have two already grown-up children and my daughter gave birth do my granddaughter not long ago.I'm so proud.

Our four-legged family members are Spencer – a ten year old beagle and Padme – a three years old Chinese shar-pei.



What matters most to me:


is to treat you and your dog fair and polite. While taking care of your dog I use positive reinforcement which means that I'll reward your dog's behavior in order the animal will show that more and more frequently. Those rewards consist not only of food, but playing, showing affection and praising your dog verbally also.


In deference to your animal I absolutely abhor any kind of physical and psychological punishment. Me and your dog coexist in trust, which corresponds to your dog's need for safety.



How did I become a dogsitter?


lI learned a lot raising Spencer since he was a puppy. Through him I learned much and acquired a lot of knowledge when it comes to how to bring up and take care of a dog. If you want to find out more about our relationship just click the link 'My furkids“.


I recognized fast that working with dogs means a lot to me and I wanted to do a whole lot more with them and their people. After Spencer and I had so much pleasure man-trailing I decided to offer that for other people with dogs as well because it's such a nice activity for dogs. If you want to know more about man-trailing just check out the link 'links and interesting facts'.


While doing this, I got a request if I could take care of a dog. I instantly affirmed, because that's exactly what I wanted to do. From then on I started with dog sitting in 2012. Ever since I dog-sat Rhodesian Ridgebacks, ratters, Dalmatians, Golden/Labrador Retrievers, beagles, pugs, Bernese cattle dogs, Chines shar-peis and different crossbreed dogs from small to big.


Though this job isn't always that easy as many people might think I've never regret choosing dog sitter as profession. The love and joy of my dogs and whom I work with is a great gift to me and let every negative thing in life fade.



What I have also planned:


I already mentioned above that I have plans and goals I persue. After I had to pause my training to become a dog trainer I will resume to complete it with the Cumcane Diploma. I'm ready and excited for that challenge. Otherwise we plan to move into another house with bigger proberty so there is more space to take care of your dogs. Of course we will stay in the area of Nuremberg. Then I do have family life and my daughter recently gave birth to my first grandchild. I'm looking forward to spend my time with her.


I hope life will have more in store but I'm quite sure about it - „A rolling stone gathers no moss.“


Mensch Hund gut betreut

Steffi Hartung

90431 Nürnberg



Email: info@menschhund-gutbetreut.de



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