My Sir Spencer

So I always call him. he's a lovely dog. he's like a real english gentleman in his behavior: reserved, polite, compliant,

sometimes introverted, and he likes it most peacefully.


We got Spencer at the age of two and a half months on June 29th  in 2007 and it changed our lives and especially mine forever. He was our first dog. Before we got him I read and watched a lot about how to raise a dog so we were able to make his life as pleasant and happy as it can be.


As practical experience we went to 'puppy class' where he learned to get used to the company of different people and other dogs of his age. While he got older we started doing activities such as agility, obience, trick-dogging and man-trailing. That brought a lot of fun but we liked trick-dogging and man-trailing best.


We've been building a great team since then. But a great obstacle to overcome has been his hunting behavior since he is a beagle. What concerned me the most was that this behavior is not that accepted in our society where dogs such as beagles are held as family dogs. Though we had our setbacks it all turned out very well and it's even possible that Spencer can walk off leash in certain areas which brings us a lot of joy. While training how to control the hunting behavior I had to deal with the learning behavior of dogs and it has really been fascinating to me. Of course positive reinforcement played a decisive role to me.


Though Spencer and I had our ups and downs I've been never regretting to get him in my life and I'm glad I found him. He's my best friend, comforter and mentor. I hope we still have a lot of years that we can spend with each other and that he will still teach me a lot. He's diffident, friendly, compliant, introverted and peaceful.


I love him with all of my heart and I know he is happy living with us.

My little Padme

She's a  gentle Chinese shar-pei with a lot of power. She's very clumpsy so she makes us laugh a lot of times.

She treats other dogs and children with love and kindness.


She got into our family on the first day of August in 2016 from  Málaga/Spain.


I always wanted to get another dog. Important to me this time was that our future dog will be female, not a hunting dog and not be bought from a breeder.


On August 18th in 2014 Olivia – a Chinese shar-pei arrived in my dog day care. I didn't know much about the breed. All I knew was that they have a lot folds and I heard that they are tough to handle – like a lot people say that beagles are, too. Well, Olivia even had not that much wrinkles and 'tough to handle' is a very subjective kind of term. That's what I've learned for sure.


Olivia turned out to be gracious. Although it took a while that she accepted to be fed by me and she had trust in me. Furthermore she just was as willful as my beagle Spencer is. I loved all of that. I had the chance to meet another Chinese shar-pei's and I recognized they had all of that in common in a certain way. That's how I knew what kind of dog our new one will be.


I started searching the www for shar-pei's in danger. And after a while I found Padme in the beginning of march 2016 on a website for rescued shar-pei's in Spain. It was love at the first sight. She looked sad but cute as well. I liked the way she was characterized and also her name because I'm a huge fan of Star Wars. Bad news were that her right eye was hurt and after being operated she lost her eyesight.


To reestablish my decision I discussed the idea of adopting her with the rest of the family and afterwards I conducted several conversations with the animal welfare group. We arranged that Padme will be my foster dog for the following two months so I could check if there were any problems with the other dogs at my home, especially the dogs I take care of within dog daycare. While finding a right way to transport Padme from Spain to Germany Olivia left our group and went back to England which made me really sad on the one hand. But on the other hand I knew Padme will soon arrive in our family. We picked her up in Munich on the first of August. The first time we saw her she approached to us in a very happy and lighthearted way. An experience I will never forget.


Now she's here with us for a year now and every day has been a holiday. She has a lot in common with Olivia which makes leaves me laughing and fascinated. I love her with all of my heart as well – she came, she saw, she conquered.


PS: She's not blind on the right eye. She is able to see perfectly. But we go to a checkup regularly. There's only one thing bothering me right now. Can you guess it? She shows hunting behavior. But because of my Spencer I am very well versed when it comes to this and we even got a great trainer at our side. It will all turn out well, I do know that for sure.


It will never get boring with Spencer and Padme.


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