What is man-trailing?


Man-trailing means your dog will have to follow a human's individual scent. We humans lose millions of skin scales and the smallest of cells that smell like us. Those particles hang in the air and get carried by wind, too. Dogs are able to perceive them even days later. Even if it had rained our scent is still present on the roads we were walking. That great skill dogs have is what we encourage with man-trailing.


How does man-trailing work?


After the dog could smell any item of clothing of a certain person (runner), it will take up that person's trail. When the dog was able to find him or her, it will be rewarded for its great accomplishment.




Basically man-trailing is suitable for every kind of dog. Dogs who are not a hundred percent socially compatible are very welcome, too, because they do not have to work in groups. The joy of finding certain persons has top priority.




your dog should be able to wait alone in a car, while the trainer is working with another dog. And your dog should be used to wearing a harness.


All in all...


man-trailing is a great, also useful activity and relief for your dog.

How about you try it too someday? There are some dog schools offer Mantrailen.

I wish you and your dog enjoy it as much as Spencer and I.



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