All about Daycare

You're employed or there were certain changes so it became necessary that your dog needs daycare?

Then don't hesitate to contact me!


If you're worried that your dog needs to stay at home alone without having any human contact or any interaction with another dog or living being then it is definitely for the best to let me as a dog-sitter take care of your furry friend in a domestic environment similar to your home. Which means your dog will be treated with affection and responsibility just as mine. Your dog is allowed to move everywhere in our house and will spend the day together with me, my family, my dogs and the other ones I take care of. In the morning we go for a walk for about one and a half hours. Towards evening another one for about 45 minutes. In the meantime your dog stays in our house with the others.

We do have a garden your dog is allowed to use unconditionally. I of course offer periods of rest where your dog is able to sleep and relax because it is very important to recover after an exciting and exhausting walk. Needless to say I offer activities that contribute to the dog's cognition.


Does my concept meet your expectations and conditions? Feel free to contact me! We'll find a day where we get to know each other and see how your dog is getting along with me and the other dogs. In addition we'll chat about the individual terms of daycare so I can adjust to your needs.


I take care of your dog from monday to friday at the time of 6am until 9pm (even longer upon consultation). Hereby you ain't bound to regular hours which accommodates to your needs if you're working until past nine o'clock in the evening, you might need to buy groceries or planning to go out or something.


I will pick up your dog from home and take him or her home later afterwards. So you don't need to bring or pick up your dog.


If you're still interested: contact me! It would be a pleasure to meet you and your four-legged friend! All about Daycare, Holidaycare and dohsitting and dogwalker


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