Terms & conditions

At first a general explanation:

Due to the group's current constellation I can only take care of small or medium-sized dogs (withers maximum knee-high)


Your dog shoud get along well with other dogs – inside and outside the group. Moreover he or she should not show aggressive reactions towards people, too. Your dog should not be bothered with people riding a bike or similar means of transportation. A dog with anxious behavior shouldn't be a problem as long as the animal's anxiety doesn't turn into aggressive manners. A more reserved dog is able to gain confidence very fast in my opinion.


Day care only:


Your dog shouldn't walk on a leash all the time. That might be common while settling your dog in, but afterwards running around off-leash should be possible. It's to keep balance between handling your dog while walking on a leash and to let him or her off the leash in order not to cause frustration. Your dog shouldn't hunt and remove from the group without not hearing when calling his or her name. It would be desirable if your dog already knows common commandos such as sit, come back, wait, stop, etc.


When your dog is not castrated, you might be open for castration/sterilisation, if there are further problems within and/or outside the group. A she-dog should be spayed, because heat persists 3-4 weeks and it can be in her scent before and afterwards, too. That can lead to stress within the group.


These are the most important terms and conditions.

At the very first walk we will get to know each other so we can find out how your dog will react to the others and how the others will react to her or him. So I can give you a feedback if it will work taking care of your dog or not. According to my experience the settling-in period takes about 14 days.


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